Summer Program

August 4, 2019 - August 18, 2019

Private Lessons & Masterclasses

  • 4 private lessons with assigned faculty

  • 4 chamber music coachings

  • Weekly masterclass opportunity with other faculty

Solo and Chamber Music Performances

Karwendel Music Festival offers many concert opportunities to its participants.  In addition to the weekly student concerts, selected students will be invited to perform with faculty at the Celebrity Concert Series, and as soloists to perform with the Karwendel Music Festival Orchestra.

Develop Artistic Individuality

Karwendel Music Festival is founded upon the belief that Classical Music world needs more artists who possess individual visions and voices.  The mission of the festival is to encourage and guide the young artists to find their creativity and individuality in the most organic way.  Through Karwendel Music Festival's unique educational program, students will learn to better use their instruments, fully utilize their techniques and music knowledge to further develop their talents and potentials.

The Secrets of Your Instrument

Karwendel Music Festival proudly partners with the Geigenbau Museum and invites guest violin makers to provide a series of workshops about the string instruments.  Through the unique hands-on experience, students will acquire fundamental knowledge of violin making and maintenance,  as well as the must-have insights in finding and purchasing fine instruments.

Competition and Audition Psychological Training

Most musicians would agree that during a performance, any psychological stress may greatly affect the muscle relaxation and movement, leaving regrets on the stage.  Karwendel Artists Program invites special sport psychologist to give an unforgettable presentation about the similarity between the minds of performing artists and sportsmen when they are in competitions; workshops led by the sport psychologist will provide training and methods that could help to overcome this obstacle. 

Career Planning

A special series of lectures and workshops to provide insights about competitions and the classical music industry.  Topics include why artist management firms add certain musicians to their rosters, what to expect when entering major international competitions, why certain artists get to advance to the next round while others don't, and how young performers can flourish in today's cultural climate.  It is an eye-opening experience for all musicians.

Career Development

Karwendel Music Festival is committed to provide performing opportunities for its alumni and to support their career development.  Selected 2016 alumni will be invited to participate in Karwendel Music Festival's 2016-2017 special concerts worldwide.

KMF Fine Instruments and Bows Rental Program*

A collaboration with Jansen Fine Bows, selected KMF students will have the opportunity to receive and use rare fine bows for free for a year.

Latest news: The 2016 Karwendel Music Festival selected the 12-year-old violinist Yixuan Ren as the outstanding festival participant, who was awarded a €20,000 Claude Thomassin violin bow to use for free for a year.

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