Dr. Christine Stucke

Psychologist Dipl. psych. Dr. paed Christine Stucke works as a scientific assistant at the department of sport science at the Otto-von Guericke University Magdeburg, Germany. She completed master degrees in pedagogic studies in Sports and German as well as Psychology and she received her doctoral degree in the field of movement science. She is specialized in scientific researches of sports and its influence to the personality development of young athletes. In collaboration with the “Olympic Sports Centre Saxony-Anhalt”, Dr. Stucke serves as leading sport psychologist to prepare athletes in the field of swimming, rowing, canoeing and shooting for a series of national and international championships as well as Olympic Games. She is specially trained in using the “biofeedback” technique for further psychology treatment. In addition following concepts such as mental training, stress management, self- talk regulation, relaxation methods, self-confidence enhancement, methods to handle performance anxiety as well as dealing with success and failures are used to prepare athletes for competitions. Dr. Stucke is a member of the “German Society of Sports Science”, the “European Society of applied Biofeedback and Neurophysiology procedure” as well as member of the “Sport psychology for top-class sport” of the Federal Institute of Sport Science.

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