With support from the Alpenwelt Karwendel and the Geigenbaumuseum, the Karwendel Music Festival opened on August 8, 2016 showcasing 10 internationally acclaimed artists and 18 fellows representing 7 countries and 4 continents.  The 14-day Festival presented a series of concerts, workshops, masterclasses, lectures and panel discussions; select evening concerts were streamed and will be available through the Karwendel Music Festival website as well as the Karwendel TV.  

Reported on Karwendel TV, highlight of the Summer 2016 Celebrity Series Final Concert, featuring Viktor Tretjakov, Leonid Gorokhov, Natalia Likhopoi, Sven Stucke, Liyuan Liu, Javor Bracic and KMF Young Artists.

Featured on Karwendel TV, an overview about the Summer 2016 Karwendel Music Festival program and concerts.


KMF provides opportunities for outstanding alumni to shine.  Click to find out more about selected 2016 alumni for the Carnegie concert on February 16, 2017!

KMF awards €20000 violin bow to 12 YEAR-OLD YIXUAN REN

2016 KMF Young Artist Concert Series Highlights

Konstantin Bruns performs Haydn Cello Concerto in D Major, I. Allegro Moderato, with the Karwendel Music Festival Chamber Orchestra.

Rimma Benyumova Performs Vivaldi Four Seasons - Summer at 2016 Karwendel Music Festival

12-year old Yixuan Ren Performs Vivaldi Four Seasons - Spring at the 2016 Karwendel Music Festival.

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